Tarmac tennis court restoration and renovation

Tarmac tennis courts offer year-round usability and durability. Also known as tarmacadam, asphalt or macadam this material provides a sturdy surface ideal for outdoor sports like tennis.

If your court shows signs of wear and tear but doesn't require a complete resurfacing, we specialize in repair and renovation services. Our expertise lies in restoring sports courts to their former glory, addressing damages and clearing away dirt and debris.

Our renovation process typically involves pressure washing, drainage improvements through spiking, resurfacing with 30mm tarmac (depending on specifications), applying white lines, and adding color coatings.

Numerous personal, professional and recreational courts across the UK, in gardens, schools, clubs, and sports facilities, endure insufficient maintenance, resulting in wear and tear. Macadam surfaces can develop cracks and pits, leading to fretting and an uneven, unsafe playing surface.

While many assume that such damage necessitates a full refurbishment, often renovation suffices to restore the court's playability. Talk to Craig today and discuss your options.

To ensure your court remains in optimal condition, we offer an annual maintenance program, keeping it in top shape for continued enjoyment.

Customer Story

£12,000 is the quote David received for having their “condemned” tennis court re-laid. After deep pressure cleaning with our unique custom designed machinery we were able to determine that the surface could be saved. We achieved this by applying a binder to the tarmac which bonds the chipping's together, we then re-painted the surface.  Below are some pictures of the renovation as well as some lovely comments from our very happy customer.  

"When we bought our house, we acquired a tennis court that was around 30 years old. The
previous owners had used it as an area where their kids could ride their bikes. It was covered
in moss and seemed beyond use. I contacted several tennis court maintenance companies and
their advice was much the same - it's too far gone, scrap it.

The only company that was different was Tennis Court Maintenance. They took a much more
positive approach and said it could be cleaned up, re-painted and restored to use. They even
guaranteed that the court would be playable for at least several more years provided I
maintained it properly.

I couldn't believe the difference when the work was complete. It was almost as good as new.
Not only have we been able to enjoy the court, but we feel certain it has added value to the
house. It was a much better outcome than scrapping the court. We now get annual visits from
Tennis Court Maintenance to keep the court in order. They are always reliable, diligent and
cheerful. I recommend them very highly."

David Bint

Tarmac tennis court restoration and renovation
Tarmac tennis court restoration and renovation
Tarmac tennis court restoration and renovation

Examples of tarmac resurfacing and restoration

Before and After

Tarmac tennis court restoration and renovation
Tarmac tennis court restoration and renovation
Tarmac tennis court restoration and renovation
Tarmac tennis court restoration and renovation

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